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How You Can Help


 Your gift will help The ALS Association support research to find a cure for ALS and provide much-needed services to patients and their families. By becoming a part of the ALSA family and making your gift today, you will help sustain hope in thousands of people affected by ALS. Please click the donate button below, or browse the links on the left for more information.

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Gifts to our Chapter Association are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code. The ALS Association (ALSA) is designated by the IRS as a not-for-profit 501 (c) (3) organization, and can be found in IRS Publication 78 as, "Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association," and at To find The ALS Association, go to the IRS Web site and enter "amyotrophic" in the "Name" search box.

Know Your Rights as a Donor.

The rapid progression of ALS creates a continuing need for durable medical equipment to assist individuals with maintaining their mobility and independence.  Through our Medical Equipment Loan Bank, your donation of medical equipment (walkers, wheelchairs, etc) will be made available to individuals with ALS thoughout Upstate NY.  Similarly, if you have any books, videotapes or other information which might be helpful to other ALS patients, we encourage you to send them to our office and we will make those items available though our Lending Library.  

To donate small items, please mail them to:
The ALS Association Upstate New York Chapter
890 7th North St., Ste 108, Liverpool, NY 13088

For larger items, please call us at 315-413-0121 or Toll Free for PALS 1-866-499-PALS and we will arrange for a pick-up at your home.


The contributions of volunteers are essential to the chapter achieving its mission. Each year, our Chapter participates in numerous fundraising and information-based opportunities throughout our area. These activities create a multitude of tasks with which volunteers can easily assist, including administrative work and mailings, helping at various events and with patient services.

The ALS Association Upstate New York Chapter is always looking for volunteers to help with all aspects of the organization including office administration, fund raising, publicity and patient services. If you would like to learn about specific volunteer opportunities, please click below or call our office at (866) 499-7257.

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Equipment Donations

The rapid progression of ALS, PLS and PMA creates a continuing need for durable medical equipment (DME) to assist patients in maintaining their mobility and independence. Through our Robert Wright Memorial Equipment Loan Program, your donation of DME will be made available to patients throughout Upstate New York free of charge.

Depending on storage space available we MAY be able to accept items such as built up rolling walkers, transport wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, rolling shower chairs, power wheelchairs, alternating pressure cushions or mattresses, speech generating devices, ramps, etc.

Note: We are unable to accept power scooters to the Robert Wright Memorial Equipment Loan Program. There are differences between a power scooter and a power wheelchair. A power wheelchair usually offers more features and support to help you, including motorized stand, tilt, and recline options whereas a power scooter is not meant to be a long-term positioning and mobility solution.

You MUST speak with one of the Upstate New York Chapter’s care services coordinators (315.413.0121 or toll free at 866.499.7257) to ensure we are able to take the item(s) you’d like to donate. Once confirmed by the office, we can make the necessary arrangements for the pickup of larger items.

Smaller items (e.g. built up utensils, scoop plates, long handle mugs, voice amplification devices, etc.) may be mailed to or dropped off at our office at the address below:

The ALS Association Upstate New York Chapter
Attn: Care Services Coordinator
890 7th North Street, Suite 108
Liverpool, NY 13088

Note: It is preferable that speech generating devices be hand-delivered to our office or one of our care services coordinators to further ensure protection from damage.

Additionally, if you have any books, videotapes or other information you think may be helpful to other patients and/or caregivers, we encourage you to contact our office. If deemed appropriate, we can make those items available through our James B. Howard Memorial Lending Library.

Thank you for considering a donation to the Robert Wright Memorial Equipment Loan Program and/or James B. Howard Memorial Lending Library! The items you donate will be available for use by other families free of charge. Donations such as yours allow us to provide families with many of the items they need for a better quality of life.

Please contact us if you'd like to help out